Col George Woods - Father in Law to James Ross


George Woods: Born after 1728 in Northern Ireland - died abt 1795

A surveyor by profession, bis name appears on the records of Lancaster County prior to 1749, after which the records of Cumberland County show that, with his countrymen, many of whom were probably companion emigrants prior to 1733, he was moving westward up the Juniata Valley.

In about 1753 he married Jane McDowell, a daughter of Dr. William McDowell, d. 1769, of Peters Township, then in Cumberland County, who had settled in that region in about 1730. In 1755, the date of the birth of his eldest child, he was in Tuscarora, from whence he pushed steadily westward, leading the eventful life of a frontier surveyor in a country harassed by Indian wars, until in about 1759 he located in Bedford.

Most of the early surveys in the upper Juniata Valley were made by him. His services to the community in which he lived and to the country in general, may be briefly stated as follows.

Appointed Justice by Commission from George III, King of England, in 1771-3-4; one of a committee appointed by an Act of the General Assembly of the Colony of Pennsylvania in 1771 to purchase a site for the Court House and Jail at Bedford; appointed by an Act of the General Assembly in 1771 to mark definitely the boundaries of Bedford County.

Treasurer of Bedford County in 1773-4; member of the General Assembly from Bedford County in 1773; sole Deputy from Bedford County to the Provincial Convention at Philadelphia in 1774 to act on the refusal of the Governor to call a General Assembly; member of the Committee of Correspondence, Bedford County, 1774-5.

Colonel Second Battalion Bedford County Militia 1776, in which capacity he served until the end of the Revolution ; member Supreme Executive Council Bedford County 1777-8-9; Bedford County Lieutenant 1784-5; surveyed and laid out in 1784 the City of Pittsburgh

John Woods lived from 1761-1816. The Woods family were a prominent founding family of Pittsburgh. John's father, Colonel George Woods, laid out the plan for the City of Pittsburgh in 1784, and John did the actual drafting. His plan is known as the "John Woods plan of Pittsburgh.

Member Committee on Navigation Susquehanna River 1785 - State Councillor for Bedford Co. 1787 ; member State Board of Property 1788 - Presiding Justice of the Quarter Sessions 1790.

Justice of the Orphans Court 1790   Presiding Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, the highest Court in Bedford County in 1790. He was a stanch Presbyterian, to which Church his children and his grandchildren adhered after him.

Living to a ripe old age, he died after 1795, possessed of considerable property and honored by the respect and good will of the community in which he had spent a long and useful life.

They had issue.

Jane Woods.

Henry Woods.

Mary Woods, b. 1759, d. Oct. 28th, 1840, unmarried.

George Woods.

John Woods.

Ann Woods - Married James Ross

• Notes on the Woods Family, of Bedford, Pennsylvania by Delafield, Joseph L.

Published January 1, 1908