Hugh Ross Genealogy
Delta - Peachbottom Township York Co, Pennsylvania

Immigrated from Carrickfergus County Antrim, Ireland - Just North of Belfast
Hugh Ross born (?) as a Scotch Irishman from North of Ireland - Carrickfergus, County Antrim.
died in 1780 probably buried in the Guinston Cemetery York Co Pennsylvania
married to Elizabeth (?)
He immigrated in 1727 to the American Colonies. Settling west of the Susquehanna River then Lancaster, now Lower Chanceford TWP York Pa.
The tract of land he settled on called "Solitude" and known as Ross's Chance!  This land was Pattented from Richard Penn and John Penn of Philadelphia Pennsylvania - sons of William Penn. This signed Parchment by John Penn was in the possesion of the family for many many years - now owned by the York Archives.

Hugh Ross was the son of James Ross - Carrickfergus Ireland, and his father died there in (?)
Hugh Ross had two sons and three daughters, William, Joseph,Elizabeth,Janet and Mary. They lived in Delta, Peach Bottom Twp York Co.

William Ross the first born son of Hugh Ross Sr born 1737 died April 1818 buried in the Chanceford Presberterian Church Cemetery
married (1st) Margret Evans, mother to William's children
William joined the 4th Battalion of York Co in 1775 as a Sergant and latter became the Major of this organazation. Latter elected the Colonel of the 6th Battalion of York Co in 1778. He saw active service in Amboy, NJ, New York City at Fort Washington where many of his troups were either captured or killed!
In civic life he was active as a Representive at the General Assembly in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1778.

James Ross born in Peach Bottom TWP Delta Pa
He married Ann Woods  - 1771 - 1805 daughter of Col George Woods

James studied law and moved to Pittsburgh Pa.  The house he owned in Pittsburgh.  He latter became a Lawyer for President George Washington.
Especially during the Whiskey Rebelion .. James Ross tried to aliviate the problems by representing the terms of this New Whiskey Tax of this new nation. A Township in Pittsburgh is named after JAMES ROSS
History of James Ross in Pittsburgh Pa.

Hugh Ross son of  William Ross born 1785 at the Ross Homestead in Delta Pa  died in 1873, buried in the Chanceford Cem
married Rebecca Glen
He was in the War of 1812
In latter life he moved from the old Homestead to an adjoining property that he owned known as Keyser Place.

Elizabeth Ross - born (?)  died (?)
daughter of Hugh Ross Sr married Alexander McCandless.

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